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At Vineyard Vollsmose, we love fellowship. In fact, so much so that we believe we are created for fellowship and that fellowship is one of the best ways to get to know God.

Therefore, we will meet in relaxed and cozy small groups around Vollsmose to explore together how we can learn to love like Jesus. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their religious background.

We will typically spend time sharing life with each other, reading from the Bible, praying for each other and having a lot of fun.

Look at the themes below for each group we are planning to start. Contact us today and come for a no-obligation visit to one of our network groups when we start up. We look forward to seeing you!

The Gospel of Mark and shisha

We will meet in Birkeparken every other Tuesday, where we will read a chapter in the Gospel of Mark, while we talk about the content, pray for each other, have fun and enjoy some shisha. Come and ask your questions with the rest of us. You are welcome no matter what you believe in.

Greenlandic group

Once a week we will meet in Egeparken, where we will read the Bible together, pray for each other and strengthen each other in our faith. The group’s languages are Greenlandic and Danish. Everyone is welcome. Write to us if you want to join.


This group is going to meet every second Wednesday in Birkeparken. We will go through topics in the Bible related to our everyday lives. We are going to deal with topics like: How can there be a good God in a world with suffering? Why do I feel shame when I hear about God and church? How can I experience the good sides of prayer? Where is God in times of stress and anxiety?
This is an English speaking group. Everyone is welcome no matter what your background or beliefs are. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to join our group.


We are going to meet every week where we will watch a video from the Egyptian series Al Massira. We will talk about the content, pray for each other and eat delicious Arabic desserts.
The group’s languages are Arabic and Danish.
The topics we get around include:
Can We Trust the Bible? Why are there so many problems in the world?
Where can I Find Forgiveness? Where is God in my problems and struggles?
Can my good deeds really cancel out my bad deeds? Does God listen when I call on him?
Everyone is welcome, no matter what you believe in.

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