If you would like to pray for the start-up of Vineyard Vollsmose and all that we hope God will do in Vollsmose through our community, then feel free to contact us.

Join us

Come and visit us for one of our events.

Welcome to our next event with Vineyard Vollsmose!

We are having a summer break right now, but will meet next time for Thank God it’s Friday! the 26th of August.

First we are eating together (DKK 30 per person), we will enjoy each other’s fellowship, Ida will lead us in a few songs and Sebastian will speak for us.
There will be delicious desserts and shisha, and we will hang out together.
The address is Birkeparken 234, 1. th. 5240 Odense.
Everything will take place in English, but there will be translation into Danish for those who need it. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are!

Some Tuesdays at 19.00 we are playing football in Vollsmose. Stay updated on our closed Facebook group. We will meet in front of Birkeparken 234, 5240 Odense. As we walk towards the football field, we will invite people on our way. Everyone is welcome. Let’s make a difference together!


Are you going to take part in an absolutely fantastic adventure in Vollsmose? You can actually become part of our planting team!
Contact us if you would like to know more! You don’t commit to anything by contacting us!

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